Monday, May 19, 2014

Embroidery Club

Well as I talked about 2 weeks ago I attended a Floriani Event at Calico Cupboard Quilt Shop.  They also have an embroidery club that meets the 2nd Saturday of each month.  Well for this month it was cutwork embroidery, something I had never done before so I decided to participate.  Here is my linen napkin that we worked on.
The first corner (top right hand corner) was a disaster even though you cannot see it in the picture.  For some reason my machine was not behaving well.  The tension was way off.  The second one worked better after I adjusted the tension.  The third one then was off again the tension was too tight and the bobbin thread was showing.  It was as if my machine was trying to adjust itself.
Luckily when I set it back up and worked with it today doing more embroidery it had adjusted itself again and everything was running smoothly.  So after I had gotten a couple other embroidery projects done with no problem I decided to try the final corner on the napkin and it was perfect with no adjustments on my part.
Next month they are doing endless lace and inserting it into a sweatshirt sleeve so I'm seriously thinking of attending that one as well.
Once I get the projects I've been working on today I'll post more pictures.
Until next time!!

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  1. What a beautiful design and the colours you've chosen are gorgeous.
    Ali xx