Friday, December 25, 2015

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

In the true spirit of crafting for Christmas I was finishing up a few things this morning.  I know nothing like cutting it short but life just seems to get in the way too much this time of the year.  So before going to visit the in-laws today I was finishing up their gifts.
For my mother and father-in-law I made this lighted block and pillow

I owe them another pillow I wanted them to have a pair where the Church faces toward each other so hopefully during my few days off I can get the other one finished.
Since we were going to my SIL I decided to make her a gift as well
They were all very appreciative and loved them!  I love making gifts I think they are much more appreciated and valued, at least for my family any way.
Here's hoping everyone had a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!!
Until later,

Monday, November 30, 2015


I have been crafting but not posting! LOL  Over the past couple months I have been working on several different things.  I've finished up quilt blocks from a block of the month and our Christmas blocks to share from Quilt Guild (both of which I haven't taken pics of yet) but I did 2 different bazaars in November

I dusted off the Cricut and made some cute things along with my normal sewing and embroidery.  I love making things but trying to do things that weren't personalized was hard.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and in case I don't get back before, hope you have a great Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate this time of the year.  Stay warm and dry and enjoy your family, we aren't promised tomorrow!
Until later,

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Gift for the Bride to Be

One of my daughters life long friends is finally getting married and I enjoyed making this for her!
I looked and looked everywhere for a satin robe and I was actually disappointed that I couldn't find one but the Bride to Be was really happy it was a shirt since she will be going to the hair dressers to get her hair done for the wedding.
And here she is with her gift!!
I'm very happy with how it turned out and I got to work with my Floriani software again!!
Well until next time,

Monday, August 24, 2015

Still Alive and Kicking

For those that get notices from me, I truly haven't fallen off the face of the Earth since May I'm just getting worse about posting.  I am still working on the Park Bench quilt blocks and I'll post a picture soon.  I'm getting ready to work on some items for a bazaar in September and I promise I'll post pics soon.

Until next time,

Monday, May 11, 2015

ARC Notebook Cover

A little sewing did happen over the weekend, a few weeks back one of the ladies in my planner Facebook group showed a picture of a cover she had purchased and it got me to thinking that I should be able to make one of them myself.  So I worked on it,

This cover is on an ARC Mini notebook.  For the most part I'm happy with how it turned out but I want to try to tweak it a little bit and figure out how to keep all the seams inside so that it's more finished looking.
But until I do, I'll keep trying!
Until next time,

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Some Machine Embroidery Going On

Well last week I did find some time to do a couple small embroidery projects.  One of the ladies I work with wanted the school logo put on a shirt
And my daughter had gotten a beach towel for my grandson so I put his name on it!!
Also I realized that since my last post prior to last week was in November I hadn't told you that due to an unexpected financial blessing I was able to purchase the Floriani Total Control - U embroidery software
which I am still learning to use.  I know I had told you I had gone to a couple different Floriani events where the software was demoed and I really fell in love with it but it is somewhat expensive.  I am hoping to find some more time to learn this software.  There are a few events coming up between June and November that I plan to attend.  Most events are not very expensive and if you are into machine embroidery I highly recommend you attend if you can, you always walk away with free stuff (spools of embroidery thread, stabilizer samples) not to mention the knowledge of those teaching!
I am spending more time in my sewing room mostly trying to get it cleaned up so that it is useable.  I recently took some time to clean and rearrange it and once I get a little more cleaned up I'll post pics for everyone to see.
Well until next time!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring Thaw

Spring has finally sprung and I'm feeling revived and refreshed!  I'm beginning to think I have that seasonal depression that comes with winter, I just felt so unlike myself the whole winter and couldn't get motivated to do much during that time.  I had such big plans and all that seemed to happen was that I purchased things to do but never got them done, and boy did my sewing room show it (another post for another day).  I did start a block of the month in February which helped start getting me ready to start sewing again.  At my favorite quilt shop one of the teachers started the Park Bench Quilts block of the month

I decided that I wanted to use batiks in my quilt top so here is what I've got happening
February Blocks
March Blocks

April Blocks

I'm really liking these batiks and cannot wait to get the entire quilt top finished!
One of the ladies from our quilt guild spends the winter in Florida and while she was in Florida she had the opportunity to see this quilt block being put together

But didn't know what the pattern was called and I searched the internet high and low and couldn't find it so I sat down with Excel and created my own and this is what I ended up with minus the sashing
I wanted the graduated colors as well and lucked out that my favorite quilt shop had 1 left that I almost missed out on as another customer had picked it up and carried it around but decided to go a different way and laid it back down so it was my fortune to be able to pick it up.  I'm gonna try to find another jelly roll if possible to have.
Well I know this has been a long post and hopefully I don't wait so long to post again!
Until next time!