Friday, December 25, 2015

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

In the true spirit of crafting for Christmas I was finishing up a few things this morning.  I know nothing like cutting it short but life just seems to get in the way too much this time of the year.  So before going to visit the in-laws today I was finishing up their gifts.
For my mother and father-in-law I made this lighted block and pillow

I owe them another pillow I wanted them to have a pair where the Church faces toward each other so hopefully during my few days off I can get the other one finished.
Since we were going to my SIL I decided to make her a gift as well
They were all very appreciative and loved them!  I love making gifts I think they are much more appreciated and valued, at least for my family any way.
Here's hoping everyone had a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!!
Until later,