Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I know I've been MIA lately, almost a month now, but since it's tax season I've been busy working on bookkeeping and trying to get things ready for the accountant.  Not to mention listening to my hubby regarding getting things ready for our taxes.  Not a real fun time of the year.  Hopefully that will all change soon and I can get back to sewing and other fun stuff. 
I've also been helping my DD with her new business of selling Origami Owl jewelry.  They are considered Living Lockets, check out her website at they really are very pretty and look much nicer in person.
  You can change out the charms to match your mood or special moments in your life.  My wonderful children got me one for Christmas with birthstone charms, hearts that say mom and grandma, and little blue feet prints.
Until next time!!

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