Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Breast Cancer Purse

Recently I attended our local OSU Extension Office Sewing Smorgashbord and this year the challenge was a breast cancer related purse.  In the past I have made other tote bags with breast cancer fabric and so I decided to enter.  Remember my last purse I made, see here, well I decided to use the same pattern for the breast cancer purse, hoping to win a prize, I wanted a ribbon shaped button and couldn't find it so I went on the search at Hobby Lobby and found a glass ribbon necklace dangle to use as the button and really like the look of it on the purse.  Again I'm not a very good photographer but the picture is viewable,
well I didn't win but I'm happy with how it turned out.  My friend Penny is very involved with her local American Legion Post and they always do special things in October for breast cancer so I'll probably donate it to her for their activities.  It was fun to make and I enjoyed entering even if I didn't win.
Well I hope everyone is enjoying the weather even if it is still very chilly here in Ohio!!
Until next time,

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