Monday, February 18, 2013

My Version of the Fold N Go Organizer W/Notepad

You know how I love to recreate things I've seen online, well I've done it again!!  I was doing a training the other day and one of the ladies had the 31 Fold N Go Organizer and I liked most of how it looked but decided to improve on it my way.  My dimensions are pretty close to theirs 9" X 18", I have 1 pocket with clear vinyl, 1 pocket that you can put a calculator or pens in, and 2 pockets you can slide papers in.  Well here's the pictures, please remember I'm not a photographer, here's the outside
Here's the inside

I like the way it turned out but I can't put a larger notepad in it so if I make another one I'm going to make the tablet area bigger, which will probably make it longer to keep the pockets close to the same size.  I put an elastic band on to help keep it closed and also be able to hold extra items.  I used Timtex to give it shape and I love how that turned out!!  My only gripe is that the Timtex I purchased had been folded and my organizer has an extra fold in it.  I'm planning to order more Timtex to get a whole bolt so it isn't folded.
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