Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I know I am a couple days early but I have been working on re-arranging my sewing room (along with cleaning it out!!) and doing some machine embroidery along the way and didn't want to miss telling everyone HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! 

I have been doing some sewing but haven't gotten around to taking any pictures so once my sewing room is all nicely cleaned and straightened up I'll get some pictures posted, hopefully by Friday or Saturday. 

I went to a class a week and a half ago to learn or see how someone else does machine embroidery on toilet paper.  Yes I said toilet paper, back in June I did the following for my daughter and son-in-law for their first anniversary 

It was done pretty much the same way, I'm planning on doing some for Christmas gifts and hope they like them.

Well the sewing room isn't getting worked on while I sit here so I'm going to go work on it some more,

Until next time,

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