Monday, February 17, 2014

Coasters & Quilts

A little sewing going on, back in the summer I got to spend some time in Amish Country here in Ohio and while there I spent some time exploring the fabric/quilt shops.  One of my purchases was this little fabric coaster
So I decided to make one of my own
My version has 1/2" strips and the purchased version has strips just shy of 1/2".  I didn't quilt it but could have I did use batting so it's "fluffy"
I've also been working, slowly, on a new quilt top.  Not sure where the pattern came from, but one of the ladies in my quilt guild made it with scraps and set it with white fabric and it looks very nice, I don't like to use pure white since I live in the country and have well water that turns everything dingy so I decided to use an off white for my setting blocks, I debated on the bright colors or 30 repro fabrics, as you can see the brights won.
All my blocks will be the same and I'm thinking of rotating them a quarter turn so they don't look exactly the same across each row.  Might try to line them up diagonally.
Well that's what's been happening in my sewing room since the first of the year, I know it isn't much but it is at least something.
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