Wednesday, July 17, 2013

So Much Time Has Passed

I know, so much time has passed since I last posted and I really haven't fallen off the end of the world just lots going on at the Stapleton household.  I can't remember if I told you or not but our daughter, son-in-law and grandson moved back in with us in January
Having them there is lots of fun but I'm not getting much done in the sewing room.  What I have gotten done have been either special orders or things that don't take too long to make.  I made curtains for my sister-in-laws dad and forgot to take pictures of them (probably the longest I've spent in my sewing room since Christmas, and everyone must have been gone for the day), I have curtains to do for my mom (embroider flip flops on them, will post pictures when they are finished), make curtains for my brothers camper (using a king size flat sheet for this).  I did get another purse made for vacation
I loved the yellow fabric and found the orange fabics to match, figured this was just perfect for a Florida vacation.  Before the Florida vacation the hubby and I went to Cleveland in April for a food show for his work and since we were there we just had to make a stop the the Cleveland Hard Rock Cafe
Had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed looking at all the memorabilia they had hanging on the walls, hubby must still have those pictures.  Then in May we went to Florida to visit family and celebrate my birthday.  We went to so many different places and so much fun.  We visited Tarpon Springs, Ocala, Edgewater, and Cocoa Beach where my son-in-law wanted to visit Ron Jon's Surf Shop
Please don't be blinded by the extremely white legs but I don't get to spend much time outside.  The little man enjoyed the water so much it was fun just watching him
Then the end of June I helped with vacation bible school at church and enjoyed watching all the little ones learn new songs and see the petting zoo.
Well now that I have completely bored you, LOL, I think I'm pretty much caught up with what has been going on.
Weather in Ohio has been just that, normal Ohio weather.  We've had lots of rain to the point of creeks and rivers being out of bounds and now we are part of this excessive heat wave and all I can say is thank you Lord that the air conditioning is working.  Hope everyone else is having a great summer and are staying cool.
Almost forgot, on the way home we stopped in Savannah, GA and had lunch with my son-in-laws friend Scott.  Since it was going to be a very short stop he gave us the dime tour and had us drive down River Street and bounced us all over.  We did stop and eat at Huey's on the River, they had very delicious food and we are thinking of planning a trip back to Savannah and have Scott give us a better tour.
Well until next time,

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