Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Gifts

Well as promised here is a list of what I made as Christmas gifts, unfortunately I forgot to
take pictures of some of them so I'll have to post them when I can get pictures taken.

First I made a quilt for my mom and stepdad and sent it to Florida,
this isn't the best picture but it gives you the basic idea.  My son-in-law the photographer
has the best pictures so I  need to get them from him took this picture.

Then I made covers for the neighbor, she bought a couple of those circle chairs that are
so popular right now

Will insert picture when I get it!!

Then I made casserole carriers for my stepmom and 2 sister-in-laws

I still can't believe I forgot to take the pictures before I gave them out, but I'm
notorious for doing this!!  I need to get better at taking pictures.

Well until next time,


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