Sunday, July 24, 2011

Goodwill find!!!

Stopped at Goodwill recently looking for clothes but ended up in the back of the store where the household items are and found several large bags of material, yarn, and misc crafting supplies.  Noticed a couple things in each bag that I know covered the price of the whole bag so I bought all 3 (less than $15 total), when I got them home and started inspecting them I found enough pre-cut 5" square of cotton material to make at least 2 queen size quilt tops, not necessarily my colors but ones I can put together and give to the Red Cross quilt group to finish and give out.  Then in the same bag were several diamond cut blocks that I'm going to try making into a Lone Star quilt top, don't really remember right off hand what colors the material is but worth using to see if I want to spend the money to make one of my own.  In another bag found a pre-quilted panel for a baby quilt will probably put a border on it and save it for a new baby that I know is coming soon.  The bag with the craft supplies had a little of everything in it, includeing a plastic frame and loops for the pot holders I used to make as a child, not to mention purse hardware, sewing patterns, and so much more that I can't remember it all.

As I finish projects with all these new treasure's I'll post pictures!!!

Until next time,

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